Bokida offers players a creative adventure in a world shaped by their own imagination

Bokida – Heartfelt reunion is a dream-like adventure game featuring puzzle elements that allow you to explore a strange, minimalist world with the goal of reuniting two stars that were separated long ago. Throughout their journey the player will use abilities to create, cut and sculpt structures, all in real time with simulated physics.

Bokida - screen gameplay 2.png
Bokida’s world is strange and intriguing

Bokida is being developed by Rice Cooker Republic, a French indie game studio created in 2012 by former students of the I.C.A.N school of Game Design in Paris. Starting life as a graduation project in 2013, Bokida went on to receive an IGF 2014 honourable mention for Best Student Project. Since then the team has been hard at work turning Bokida into a full-release game, receiving an official selection for IndieCade Europe in 2016.

Rice Cooker Republic’s rather intriguing project combines a strikingly artistic style with soothing music to create an open space for you to explore your own imagination. With an inherently relaxing tone, players can manipulation structures within the world, sculpting them like an artist. Although these transformative abilities are the core mechanics at the heart of Bokida, players are also free to express their creativity and traverse the open world as they see fit.

Bokida - new screen 9
The seemingly monochromatic world soon bursts to life with colour

What really sets Bokida apart from most other block based building games is the cut tool. This allows you to cut cubes that you have placed in the world in interesting ways, testing the satisfying physics engine that makes this game so enjoyable. It is these simple, intuitive controls that make it easy to engage with the environment in experimental and fun ways. It’s this creative freedom that gives Bokida its intrigue and beauty.

If you’re interested in seeing some more of Bokida you can download the demo on their website here. It has also recently been Greenlit on Steam, you can check out their page here and the Greenlight trailer below.


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